Members/sister Club Members - $5.00
Non-Members - $10.00
Annual Membership - $20.00 - and first night is
FREE admission!
First time guests are FREE!

Doors Open at 5:00 p.m.
Lessons start at 5:30 p.m. and are
"FREE"  with a paid admission to the Dance.

We offer three types of basic lessons. Swing I, Swing II and Swing III

We also offer monthly
Instructors Choice Bonus lessons.
Some of the dances taught are: West Coast Swing, Night Club Two Step,
Hustle, Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Lindi Hop, Line Dances and others.

  • Basic Step
  • Glide Away
  • Open Basic
  • Patty Cake
  • Cross over
  • Open Basic
  • Return to Closed

  • Review Basics
  • Tuck and turn         
  • She goes-He goes
  • Crossover with hand change
  • Crossover into a reverse hand lead
  • Shoulder Catch                  
  • Return to basic

  • Neck and waist wrap
  • Swivels/Sugar Foot
  • St. Louis walks
  • Hammerlock
  • Hully Gully
  • Waterfalls, walks, sailor steps
  • Caught in a cage
  • Teach timing:   Single, double, and
    triple time
”Dancing is communicating without words, and so the great challenge
is to speak clearly, beautifully, and with inevitability.”
To find out about other dancing
opportunities click the link to
The Midwest Swing Dance Federation site.
Midwestern United States Imperial Club
July 9,  2017  

D.J.            Sandy Ferguson
Swing 1:     Mike Robinett and Bobbi Steinkuehler
Swing 2:     
Ron Waller & Deb Nollman
Swing 3:     
George Scott & Msary Ann Pfeiffer
Blurred Lines - Carol Lammi & Norma Kelley
July 23, 2017 -  ANNIVERSARY DANCE!

D.J. Battle:      Willie Braswell - Greg Wolf
                       Marti Aerne - Mike Cook